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We want to be your business partner. Read below to learn why.

Have you ever noticed when choosing business service providers you typically have to choose between a large, established, international leader who might not know your business exists or a small, local company that might be lacking in technology, security, infrastructure, 24/7 support, but at least you know who to call when you need something, right? We built our agency in 2006 on the simplicity of providing you the absolute best of both worlds. With Ignite Payments Elite you will enjoy the stability of the worldwide global leader, First Data, with unparalleled technology, a conglomerate with several wholly owned subsidiaries like Clover, Ignite Payments, GYFT, TeleCheck, Perka, and others providing you the absolute best in class business management and payment solutions and the luxury of a local, family owned agency, fully staffed with business consultants and relationship managers dedicated to helping you implement the most dynamic, innovative technology to better manage and grow your business. We understand better than most the unique needs of the SMB because we are an SMB.